2010 Liverpool Biennial: Touched

For the 2010 Liverpool Biennial, on the theme of Touched, there is a conference and series of talks on the theme.

The Touched Conference on September 18th includes Techching Hsieh, Alfonso Lingis, Coco Fusco, Tania Bruguera, and Alfredo Jaar, among others. Lectures are also scheduled by Ziauddin Sardar (9/22), David Harvey (10/30), and Nina Power (11/03). A list of artists [PDF] is online. According to the program:

To touch or to be touched is the performance of truth, when incredulity is displaced and the world condenses into a moment of all enveloping realization, changing everything. But let us not limit touch to mean touch physically, even that lowliest of senses, smell, can touch us deeply. To be touched arrives unexpectedly though every sense – including thought itself – locating our most intimate moments in space and time. How to live by these moments where strength and vulnerability conjoin in both their terror and beauty is what we would define as commitment.

On the biennial: images and notes posted at Centre for the Aesthetic Revolution, the Guardian, the BBC, culture24, and Deutschlandradio.

Updated September 2010.