A Thousand Eyes – Media Technology, Law, and Aesthetics

On September 22nd in Oslo, a symposium: A Thousand Eyes – Media Technology, Law, and Aesthetics.


The court of law has come to rely on a variety of new representational modes and technologies that mimic those used in contemporary art, cinema and mass media. But how does the judicial system treat moving images as representations of reality and “truth”? The law is increasingly staged on screen, and photographs, video- surveillance and recordings are used as evidence. What are the implications of the increased use of live TV broadcasts of trials? In what way do these images “speak” in court? Through the contribution of internationally renowned artists and scholars, this symposium explores the intersection between law and the aesthetics of new media technology and re-examines fundamental questions such as: what is the role of images in producing an authoritative identity for the court? Is there such a thing as an image of justice being constructed? What are the repercussions when a video camera plays the role of witness?  How has the incursion of media into the court (and forensics) altered our notions of what is credible evidence? How does the use of new technologies extend and transnationalize legal jurisdiction? How can thinking about these issues in creative proximity to the arts inform new understandings of legal process and possibility?