After the Event: New Perspectives on Art History

After the Event: New Perspectives on Art History is a collection edited by Charles Merewether and John Potts, published by Manchester in the UK and Macmillan in the US (Amazon; Shamansky).


Introduction: Charles Merewether and John Potts

Part One: Rewriting Global Visual Culture

1. Boris Groys: Two Cures: Making Art Visible
2. Mitchell Dean: Land and Sea: ‘In the Beginning All the World Was America’
3. Ackbar Abbas: Migration as Spatial Fantasy
4. Paul Carter: Masters of the Gap: Art, Migration and Eido-Kinesis
5. Rex Butler: The World Is Not Enough

Part Two: New Art Histories: Other Modernities

6. Lolita Jablonskiene: Wins and/or Losses in Recent Eastern European Art History
7. Zdenka Badovinac: Interrupted Histories
8. Antje Denner: Aesthetic Experience and the Power of the Network
9. Lee Weng Choy: Intellectual Activism?:  Crisis and Convening

Part Three: Memory: Documentary and the Archival

10. Charles Merewether: Archival Futures: On Kawara and the Date From Which All Things Begin, Again
11. Geeta Kapur: Mortal Remains
12. Michael Renov: Expressivity: The Art of Documentary Practice
13. Kathryn Millard: Documentary in the Age of the Remix
14. Laleen Jayamanne: Contact Lenses: Cinaesthesia in the Museum

Part Four: The Event and Re-Enactment

15. John Potts: The Event and its Echoes
16. Peter Osborne: The Truth Will Be Known when the Last Witness is Dead: Art as Evidence, or, History not Memory
17. Edward Scheer: ‘What if Someone in New Zealand Wants to See It?’ Performance Art’s Cover Versions
18. Jane Goodall: When the Present Comes to Get You