Alla kungens hästar: Legacies of the Situationist International

At the Moderna Museet on December 1st and 2nd, “Alla kungens hästar: Legacies of the Situationist International.”

On the agenda:

  • Jacqueline de Jong and Roberto Ohrt in a conversation about de Jong’s days as a core member of the Situationist International and her work as editor of The Situationist Times
  • Claire Fontaine “’77, the Year That Is Not Commemorated: A lecture about the concept of human strike and some of the dynamics of the Italian movement of ’77”
  • Mikkel Bolt, “Scandinavian Situationisms. On the History of the Scandinavian Situationist Sections”
  • Roberto Ohrt, “The History of the Situationists – How To Write About and How To Show: Some Examples”