Analysis of Flight Data

The exhibition Auswertung der Flugdaten [Analysis of Flight Data]: Art of the 1980s. A Düsseldorf Perspective, in that city’s K21 Ständehaus, features “10 internationally recognized artists who emerged from the milieu of the Düsseldorf Art Academy” during a period in which “younger artists like Schütte, Mucha, Gerdes, and Fritsch signaled their mistrust of the purported breakthrough to Neo-expressionist painting.”

Curator Julian Heynen is quoted: “Was Neo-expressionism really the way out of the crisis of Modernism? This exhibition presents a different picture. It seeks to present a reflective and sensuous art at the highpoint of the epochal upheaval of so-called Postmodernism – and moreover in its multiplicity and in its divergences.”

The publication by Brigitte Kölle, Es geht voran: Kunst der 80er. Eine Düsseldorfer Perspektive (Prestel, cloth, €40; Koenig), includes interviews with Thomas Schütte, Katharina Fritsch, Thomas Struth, Candida Höfer, Thomas Ruff, Kasper König, and Heynen among others.

Review by Swantje Karich (FAZ).