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Art in the Lives of Immigrant Communities in the United States

Art in the Lives of Immigrant Communities in the United States is edited by Paul DiMaggio and Patricia Fernandez-Kelly (Rutgers; Amazon).

Contents include:

  • Paul DiMaggio and Patricia Fernández-Kelly, “Introduction: The Diversity and Mobility of Immigrant Arts”
  • Mark J. Stern, Susan C. Seifert, and Domenic Vitiello, “Migrants and the Transformation of Philadelphia’s
    Cultural Economy”
  • Patricia Fernández-Kelly, “A Howl to the Heavens: Art in the Life of First- and Second-Generation Cuban Americans”
  • Amaney Jamal, “Inside and Outside the Box: The Politics of Arab American Identity and Artistic Representations”
  • Sunaina Maira, “Desis in and out of the House: South Asian Youth Culture in the United States before and after 9/11”
  • Clifford R. Murphy, “The Intimate Circle: Finding Common Ground in Mariachi and Norteño Music”
  • Deborah Wong, “GenerAsians Learn Chinese: The Asian American Youth Generation and New Class Formations”
  • Gilberto Cárdenas, “Unfinished Journey: Mexican Migration through the Visual Arts”
  • Cecilia Menjívar, “Immigrant Art as Liminal Expression: The Case of Central Americans”
  • Yen Le Espiritu, “Negotiating Memories of War: Arts in Vietnamese American Communities”
  • Jorge Durand and Douglas S. Massey, “Miracles on the Border: The Votive Art of Mexican Migrants to the United States”
  • Terry Rey and Alex Stepick, “Visual Culture and Visual Piety in Little Haiti: The Sea, the Tree, and the Refugee”


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