Arts of the Planet

On October 27th to 30th in Pittsburgh, Arts of the Planet, with plenary speakers Terry Smith, Krzysztof Wodiczko, and Paul D. ( DJ Spooky) Miller [program].

Papers include:

  • Sarah Evans, “Cindy Sherman and The Anti-social Art of the Postmodern Professional”
  • Elise Archias, “The Myth of Free Sex in Carolee Schneemann’s Early Work”
  • Brian McAllister, “Mower Is Less: Garden Space, Textual Space, and Ian Hamilton Finlay”
  • Kathleen Morris, “Meditations on and in the Weather: Meteorological Poetics in Jacques Roubaud and Roni Horn”
  • Gustavus Stadler, “Warhol as Recording Artist”
  • Homay King, “Moving On: Andy Warhol and the Exploding Plastic Inevitable”
  • Jonathan Flatley, “’The Black Marilyns’: Liking, Likeness, and the Color-line in Warhol”
  • Tan Lin, “Warhol’s Shadow Paintings, Data Migration, and TV in the Cybernetic Age”
  • Anthony Grudin, “Myth and Class in Warhol’s Early Newsprint Paintings”
  • Haeyoung Youn, “Lozano-Hemmer’s Relational Architecture and New Media Art”
  • Sarah Hamill, “Erin Shirreff’s Roden Crater: Sculpture in the Age of Digital Reproducibility”
  • Krzysztof Wodiczko, “Critical Strangeness: Art, Displacement and Parrhesia”
  • Melissa Ragona, “Reversed Delay: Early Experiments in Telepresence in the Work of Dan Graham and Andy Warhol”
  • Kris Paulsen, “Reach out and Touch: Wafaa Bilal and the Trouble with Telepresence”