Audiovisuology: See This Sound

Under the title See This Sound, three publications have appeared from Koenig on “audiovisuology.”

[Co-editor Daniels will lecture on the topic, February 2nd, at the TU Berlin.]

  • Dieter Daniels and Sandra Naumann, eds., Audiovisuology 1: See This Sound (Koenig, Amazon): “The full spectrum of audiovisual art and phenomena is addressed in 35 dictionary entries, and in-depth essays treat overarching aesthetic issues, while individual works–including projects by John Cage and Chicks on Speed–are represented in audiovisual documentation and scientific comment.”


  • Daniels and Naumann, eds., See this Sound: Audiovisuology 2 (Koenig, Cornerhouse): “The point of departure for the prominent authors was the fact that our realm of experience is today shaped by an omnipresence of audio-visual products and structures, in which the cultural image and sound production are tightly entwined with one another in terms of technology, art and market strategy.”


  • Liz Kotz, Cosima Rainer, Stella Rollig, Dieter Daniels, Manuela Ammer, eds., See This Sound: Promises in Sound and Vision (Koenig, Amazon): “Proceeding chronologically, the book takes the early cinematic “eye music” of Hans Richter as a starting point, noting parallel works by Walter Ruttmann and Oskar Fischinger; moving into the postwar period, the art/cinema/ music experiments of Peter Kubelka, Valie Export and Michael Snow are discussed, establishing precedents to similar work by Rodney Graham, Carsten Nicolai, Jeremy Deller and many others.”