Bettina Funcke, Pop or Populus

In December, Sternberg published Bettina Funcke, Pop or Populus: Art Between High and Low, with illustrations by Wade Guyton and the translation by Warren Niesluchowski.

“Close readings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Jacques Rancière, Theodor W. Adorno, Clement Greenberg, Benjamin Buchloh, and Boris Groys provide the theoretical framework to comprehend a dialectic of art propelled by tension between the enduring history of art and the domineering presence of mass culture.” — Sternberg Press

In March 2007, “Displaced struggles: Bettina Funcke on Ranciere and the art world” appeared in Artforum, and Funcke interviewed Peter Sloterdijk for Bookforum (Feb.-Mar. 2005).

Pop oder Populus: Kunst zwischen High und Low appeared as volume 36 of Walther Koenig’s Kunstwissenschaftliche Bibliothek in 2007. Funcke’s 2004 Karlsruhe dissertation, Pop oder Populus: künstlerische Praxis zwischen Hoch- und Massenkultur, appears on Worldcat.