Between Zones

Raphael Gygax and Heike Munder have curated two related shows for Zurich’s Migros Museum. While Interwoven Echoes Drip into a Hybrid Body – an Exhibition about Sound, Performance and Sculpture (2006) argued that “the use of sound has precipitated an increased fusion between performance art and sculpture.” While Bodies Get Mirrored – An Exhibition about Movement, Formalism and Space (2010) deals with “re-presentation of the performative and the notation of movement and dance-like actions – above all in terms of the sculptural and installative…a sharp focus on postmodern dance and choreography in contemporary art” (Artforum; Contemporary Art Daily).

The exhibitions are jointly accompanied by Between Zones: On the Representation of the Performative and the Notation of Movement, a catalog (from JRP Ringier; contributors include Philip Auslander, Kristina Köhler, Verena Kuni, and Babette Mangolte), focused on “the intersection and folding into one another of the category installation and the performative.”