Beyond Cinema: The Art of Projection

Last year, Hatje Cantz published Beyond Cinema: The Art of Projection, a historical survey of projected images in art, edited by Christopher Eamon and Stan Douglas (DAP; Amazon).

The volume was based on a 2007 Berlin exhibition (reviewed by Henrikke Nielsen in C). Chapters include:

  • “Regarding Shadows: Stan Douglas in conversation with Christopher Eamon”
  • Tom Gunning, “The Long and The Short of it: Centuries of Projecting Shadows, From Natural Magic to The Avant–Garde” (excerpt)
  • Beatriz Colomina, “Enclosed by Images: The Eameses’ Multiscreen Architecture”
  • Sven Lütticken, “Liberating Time”
  • Branden W. Joseph, “‘My Mind Split Open’: Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable”
  • Gregor Stemmrich, “Dan Graham’s Cinema and Film Theory”
  • David Joselit, “Touching Pictures: Toward a Political Science of Video”
  • Thomas McDonough, “Production/Projection: Notes on The Capitalist Fairy Tale”
  • Mark Nash, “Between Cinema and a Hard Place: Dilemmas of The Moving Image as a Post-Medium”
  • Mary Ann Doane, “The Location of The Image: Cinematic Projection and Scale in Modernity”
  • Mieke Bal, “Setting The Stage: The Subject Mise En Scène”