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SFMOMA: Rauschenberg Research Project

SFMOMA publishes online collection catalogue of the Rauschenberg Research Project, a survey of nearly ninety works by Robert Rauschenberg from the permanent collection.

Raymond Bellour and Laura Mulvey at Carpenter Center

On March 14 in Cambridge, MA, Raymond Bellour and Laura Mulvey on cinema and contemporary art at Harvard’s Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.

New Museum Roundtable: Contemporary Art 1989 to Present

On Mar 10 in NYC, a roundtable at the New Museum on Contemporary Art: 1989 to the Present moderated by editors and SCAH founders Alexander Dumbadze and Suzanne Hudson, and featuring several contributors to the book.

SCAH Boston Reading Group: Spring 2013 Program

The Spring 2013 program for our Boston Reading Group is now available.

Contemporary Art: 1989 to the Present

Contemporary Art: 1989 to the Present, edited by Alexander Dumbadze and Suzanne Hudson, is now available. Featuring essays by Terry Smith, Irene Small, Michelle Kuo, David Joselit, Caroline Jones, Johanna Burton, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Sven Lütticken, Chika Okeke-Agulu, Carrie Lambert-Beatty, and others.

Ori Gersht @ MFA Boston

Thru January 5, in Boston, Ori Gersht: History Repeating at the MFA Boston.

Contemporary Artists’ Book Conference

On September 28–29, in NYC, the Contemporary Artists’ Book Conference, with addresses by Lucy Lippard (Sept 28) and Paul Chan (Sept 29).

Thinking Contemporary Curating: book & related events

Terry Smith releases a new book, Thinking Contemporary Curating, with a series of readings and conversations to follow in NYC, California, and Chicago.

Pamela M. Lee, Illegibility

As part of the Documenta: 100 Notes 100 Thoughts series, a book by Pamela M. Lee: Illegibility (Hatje Cantz, 2011).

Luigi Fassi and Giuseppe Di Salvatore, Clement Greenberg – L’avventura del modernismo

In Artribune, Marco Enrico Giacomelli interviews Luigi Fassi and Giuseppe Di Salvatore, editors of Clement Greenberg – L’avventura del modernismo (Milan: Johan and Levi, 2011), which has an introduction, “Greenberg for Italians,” by Caroline Jones.

Utopie: Texts and Projects 1967-1978

On October 3rd and 4th in New York, a panel discussion and book launch for Utopie: Texts and Projects 1967-1978 with Isabelle Auricoste, Jean-Louis Cohen, Cristina Goberna, Meredith TenHoor, Hubert Tonka, and editors Craig Buckley and Jean-Louis Violeau (Storefront, Maison Française).

Alan W. Moore, “New Old Stories from the Other Situationists”

At Autonomedia.org, Alan W. Moore reviews Expect Anything Fear Nothing: The Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere, edited by Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen and Jakob Jakobsen with contributions by Peter Laugesen, Carl Nørrested, Fabian Tompsett, Gordon Fazakerley, Jacqueline de Jong, Hardy Strid, Karen Kurczynski, Stewart Home and the editors, published by Nebula (Copenhagen) and Autonomedia (Brooklyn) in […]

Christine Redfern and Caro Caron: Who is Ana Mendieta?

On September 24th in Montreal, a book launch for Christine Redfern and Caro Caron, Who is Ana Mendieta?

On Horizons: A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art

In Metropolis M, Joram Kraaijeveld reviews On Horizons: A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art.

Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone, 1955–1972

In Brussels, accompanying the exhibition Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone, 1955–1972 (opening September 9th) will be lectures by Griselda Pollock and Jan Verwoert.

Anna María Guasch, La crítica dialogada: Entrevistas sobre arte y pensamiento actual (2000 – 2007)

In Culturamas, Alberto Peñalver Menéndez reviews Anna María Guasch, La crítica dialogada: Entrevistas sobre arte y pensamiento actual (2000 – 2007).

Kellie Jones, EyeMinded: Living And Writing Contemporary Art

At Artforum.com, Kellie Jones discusses her new book, EyeMinded: Living And Writing Contemporary Art (Duke, 2011).

Holland Cotter: When Art Happened to L.A.

In the New York Times Book Review, Holland Cotter reviews Hunter Drohojowska-Philp, Rebels in Paradise: The Los Angeles Art Scene and the 1960s.

Andrew Russeth: New Books by R. H. Quaytman, Klaus Kertess, and Bruce Hainley

In the New York Observer, Andrew Russeth reviews new books by R. H. Quaytman, Klaus Kertess, and Bruce Hainley.

Christopher Collier: The Importance of Being Earnest, or Not

At Metamute, Christopher Collier reviews Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen & Jakob Jakobsen, eds., Expect Anything Fear Nothing: The Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere (Nebula in association with Autonomedia, 2011) and McKenzie Wark, The Beach Beneath the Street: The Everyday Life and Glorious Times of the Situationist International (Verso, 2011). (via Metropolis M)

Bruce Jenkins, Gordon Matta-Clark: Conical Intersect

In the Los Angeles Times, David L. Ulin reviews Bruce Jenkins, Gordon Matta-Clark: Conical Intersect.

James Brinsfield reviews Katy Siegel, “Since ’45”

In the Kansas City Star, James Brinsfield reviews Since ’45: America and the Making of Contemporary Art by Katy Siegel.

Bootleg Book: The Unauthorized Artforum Summer Issue

From Hol Art Books: “We’ve created an unauthorized paperback book from the Summer 2011 issue of Artforum magazine. It’s our first bootleg.“

Edward M. Gómez: Whose Modernism is it Anyway?

In the Brooklyn Rail, Edward M. Gómez discusses recent work in postwar Japanese art history by Alexandra Munroe, Ming Tiampo, Hiroko Ikegami and Doryun Chong.

Reconsidering the Documentary and Contemporary Art


Kunstkritikk: Expect Anything, Fear Nothing and Lars Bang Larsen

At Kunstkritikk, Kim West on Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen & Jakob Jakobsen, Expect Anything, Fear Nothing: The Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere, 2011, and Jacob Lillemose interviews Lars Bang Larsen on Dissipated Being, 2010.

Katy Siegel with Phong Bui

In the Brooklyn Rail, Phong Bui and Katy Siegel discuss her book, Since ’45: America and the Making of Contemporary Art.

Painting Today

In El Pais, Pedro da Cruz reviews Tony Godfrey, Painting Today (Phaidon).

Victor Burgin, Parallel Texts: Interviews and Interventions About Art

Recently published by Reaktion:  Victor Burgin, Parallel Texts: Interviews and Interventions About Art.

Terry R. Myers, ed., Painting

In the Brooklyn Rail, John Ganz reviews Terry R. Myers, ed., Painting.

John Cotter on Chris Kraus, Where Art Belongs

At Open Letters Monthly, John Cotter on Chris Kraus, Where Art Belongs.

Ming Tiampo: Gutai, Recentering Modernism

Gutai: Recentering Modernism, by Ming Tiampo, has been published by the University of Chicago Press.

David Smith

Several publications on David Smith have recently appeared.

Contemporary Art in Asia: A Critical Reader

Published in April by MIT Press: Melissa Chiu and Benjamin Genocchio, eds.,  Contemporary Art in Asia: A Critical Reader.

Margarita Tupitsyn: Conceiving Counter-Soviet Art

In Art in America, Margarita Tupitsyn reviews recent books on “counter-Soviet art” by Matthew Jesse Jackson and Boris Groys.

Adventures in Art: Selected Writings 1990-2010

A Sue Hubbard collection.

Correspondence Course: An Epistolary History of Carolee Schneemann and Her Circle

Letters edited by Kristine Stiles.

Contemporary art from Silke Schreiber

Books on contemporary art from the Verlag Silke Schreiber.

Contemporary Art from Black Dog

Survey books from Black Dog.

Before Pictures

On Douglas Crimp’s forthcoming memoir.

The Situationists and the City

Situationist writings on the city, edited by Tom McDonough.

Víctor del Río: Factografía. Vanguardia y comunicación de masas

A book on factography by Víctor del Río.

Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture

On February 10th at the New School, a discussion of Gregory Sholette’s book Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture (Macmillan; Amazon) with the author, Jim Costanzo and Cat Mazza.

Phyllis Galembo: Maske

A book of photographs by Phyllis Galembo.

After the Event: New Perspectives on Art History

A collection of essays focused on “the event.”

Jo Baer. Broadsides & Belles Lettres. Selected Writings and Interviews 1965-2010

A book and launch by Jo Baer.

Daniel Spoerri: Eaten By…

Catalog to a Daniel Spoerri exhibition in Koblenz.

From an Artist’s Perspective

Interviews with 51 artists.

Franz West: Schrieb, White Elephant

On Franz West, from RM Verlag.

A Decade in Conversation: A Ten-Year Celebration of The Bucksbaum Award, 2000-2010

Interviews with winners of the Whitney Museum’s Bucksbaum Award.

Art and Globalization

From James Elkins and the Stone Summer Theory Institute, on art and globalization.

Art History December 2010

Volume 33, issue 5 of Art History.

Katy Siegel: Since ‘45: Contemporary Art and Art History’s Old Habits

A talk, and a book, by Katy Siegel […]

Robert Genter, Late Modernism: Art, Culture, and Politics in Cold War America

“Dispensing with traditional narratives that present this moment as marking the exhaustion of modernism, Genter argues instead that the 1950s were the apogee of the movement.”

You talkin’ to me? Why are artists and curators turning to education?

A book launch at e-flux.

Sigmar Polke, Windows for the Zurich Grossmunster.

An event for Sigmar Polke’s Grossmünster windows.

Black Arts West

“[T]he social and political significance of African American arts activity in Los Angeles between the Second World War and the riots of 1992.”

Art in the Lives of Immigrant Communities in the United States

“The contributions of artists from America’s newest immigrant communities.”

Selected Maria Lind Writing

At e-flux on November 30th, a book launch for Selected Maria Lind Writing with the author, Bruce Altshuler and Kate Fowle.

The Artistic Device

An Eindhoven symposium with Brian Holmes.

Audiovisuology: See This Sound

Audiovisual art and phenomena.

Large Scale: Fabricating Sculpture in the 1960s and 1970s

“a new kind of all-in-one sculpture production center that put the tools of industrial fabrication in the hands of artists”

Photography Between Poetry and Politics: The Critical Position of the Photographic Medium in Contemporary Art

An anthology on photography edited by Hilde Van Gelder and Helen Westgeest.

Contemporary Art and the Cosmopolitan Imagination: Politics, Ethics, Affect

On “the role of art in conceiving and reconfiguring the political, ethical and social landscape of our time.”

Home Base

A conversation at the MCA Chicago […]

Conversations: Carlos Cruz-Diez

Conversations with modern and contemporary artists, from the Cisneros foundation.

Capitalist Realism

Two books on capitalist realism.


A review of Piotr Piotrowski in kunsttexte.de/ostblick.

The Absence of Work: Marcel Broodthaers, 1964-1976

A Marcel Broodthaers monograph, and exhibitions […]

Lyle Ashton Harris: Excessive Exposure

“All the chocolate-colored portraits that Bronx-born artist Lyle Ashton Harris made with a large-format Polaroid camera over the past ten years” […]

Donald Judd: Specifics

“The first monograph devoted to Donald Judd” […]

Marco Livingstone: Kitaj

A monograph on R. B. Kitaj […]

Art and Activism: Projects of John and Dominique de Menil

A new book (and reception) on John and Dominique de Menil […]

Encyclopaedia of the Word: Artist Dialogues 1968-2008

Encyclopaedia of the Word: Artist Dialogues 1968-2008, published this fall by Skira, compiles 65 interviews by Achille Bonito Oliva (Amazon).

Nancy Spero

New books on Nancy Spero […]

Donald Baechler

A book on Donald Baechler […]

Manuel Felguérez

A new book on Manuel Felguérez […]

Philip Guston

Publications on Philip Guston […]

Documenting Contemporary Chinese Art

A documentation project on contemporary Chinese art […]

Street Photography Now

A survey of street photography from Thames & Hudson […]

10/19: Der Beuys-Komplex – L’identité allemande à travers la réception de l’œuvre de Joseph Beuys (1945-1986)

A book launch for Der Beuys Complex […]

Los Carpinteros Handwork: Constructing the World

A new book on Los Carpinteros […]

Adel Abdessemed

New work on Adel Abdessemed […]

Dara Birnbaum, General Idea, Exhibiting the New Art

Three new books from Afterall […]

After the Digital Divide? German Aesthetic Theory in the Age of New Media

The Frankfurt School in cyberspace […]

The Biennial Reader

An anthology on the global phenomenon […]

What is Contemporary Art?

A collection of statements on contemporary art […]

Modern Women

An anthology from MoMA […]

Baselitz: Collected Writings and Interviews

Georg Baselitz’s writings and interviews […]

Words Without Pictures

An edited volume from Aperture […]

Contemporary Art in the Middle East

From Black Dog Publishing, “Showcasing the most explosive, dynamic and provocative art coming out of the region…”

Bourgeoisie and Proletariat

Two new publications on the class structure […]

Hiroshima After Iraq: Three Studies in Art and War

A new book by Rosalyn Deutsche […]

Rotterdam Dialogues: The Critics, The Curators, The Artists

A publication of three symposia from the Witte de With […]

History Becomes Form: Moscow Conceptualism

Essays by Boris Groys […]

The Great Migrator: Robert Rauschenberg and the Global Rise of American Art

A new book on Robert Rauschenberg […]

Art, History and the Senses: 1830 to the Present

“Should sight trump the other four senses when experiencing and evaluating art?”

Dominique de Menil and the Rothko Chapel

Writings of Dominique de Menil […]

Jan Verwoert: Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

A new book by Jan Verwoert […]

The Power of Judgment: A Debate on Aesthetic Critique

A debate from Frankfurt’s Städelschule […]