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CFP: “Opacity”

CFP: For articles and creative works concerning “Opacity,” for the 22nd issue of InVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture. Reviews also sought. Submissions due: May 1, 2014


CFP: “Bad History,” an issue of KAPSULA Magazine. Submissions due: December 6, 2013

The future is ________ at PS1

Through July 28 in NYC, Speculations (“The future is ___________”), a series of lectures debates, conversations, and keynotes hosted by Triple Canopy at MoMA PS1. Upcoming events through June 2:

Cache Cleaner: A Celebration of Triple Canopy’s Fifth Anniversary

On May 11 in NYC, “Cache Cleaner,” an evening of musical and artistic performances in celebration of Triple Canopy’s fifth anniversary at China Chalet. Featuring performances by Maxmilion Dunbar, Masks, My Barbarian, and BFFA3AE. Jon Santos, Michael Magnan (Fatherhood), and RVNG’s Matt Werth will DJ.

Big, Red & Shiny keeping track of the pulse in the Boston area

Big, Red & Shiny recently relaunched to the delight of Boston’s contemporary art scene. The blog features multiple insightful posts every day about art world goings-on, and  the exhibition and event listings do a great service in collecting announcements from throughout the region. A wonderful resource!    

Spring 2012 ArtJournal: Pacific Standard Time

New Spring 2012 issue of ArtJournal out now, on Pacific Standard Time (PST) and designed by Allen Ruppersberg.

Joanna Fiduccia, “Odd Couple: Yves Klein and Ed Kienholz’s Unlikely Affinities”

Online at East of Borneo, by Joanna Fiduccia: “Odd Couple: Yves Klein and Ed Kienholz’s Unlikely Affinities.”

Jan Verwoert, “World as Medium: On the Work of Stano Filko”

In e-flux journal 28, an article by Jan Verwoert: “World as Medium: On the Work of Stano Filko.”

X-TRA, Fall 2011

In the fall 2011 issue of X-TRA, Vanessa Place on Hanne Darboven and Adam Feldmeth on Blinky Palermo.

Tate Etc. 23

In issue 23 of Tate Etc., John-Paul Stonard on Gerhard Richter and Philip Tinari on Tacita Dean.

Variety on Gerhard Richter Painting

In Variety, Alissa Simon reviews Gerhard Richter Painting:  “Belz eschews voiceover narration, supplementing her perceptive lensing of Richter’s studios with new and old footage of the media-shy painter discussing his career with art historians, curators and the press… Cerebral pic is a natural for the museum.”

Jaime Schwartz, Memory and Memorialization: Gerhard Richter’s September

In Interventions journal: Jaime Schwartz, “Memory and Memorialization: Gerhard Richter’s September.”

Three Questions: Helen Molesworth Speaks with Taylor Davis

Online at the Art Journal website, a conversation between Helen Molesworth and Taylor Davis.

Tom Teicholz: How L.A. Grew Its Own Art

In the Jewish Journal, Tom Teicholz writes about the mammoth Getty-sponsored exhibition project, “Pacific Standard Time.”

ALL-OVER Magazin für Kunst und Ästhetik

The first issue of ALL-OVER Magazin für Kunst und Ästhetik is online.

Burlington Magazine September 2011

In the September 2011 issue of the Burlington Magazine: John-Paul Stonard, “Paolozzi in America,” and Anna Lovatt, “Art History Reviewed XV: Rosalind Krauss’s ‘The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths’, 1985.”

Marta Papini, “The Street Project. Per una nuova relazione tra museo, arte e pubblico”

In Tafter Journal 39 (September 2011), an article by Marta Papini: “The Street Project. Per una nuova relazione tra museo, arte e pubblico.”

Kate Palmer Albers, “It’s Not an Archive”: Christian Boltanski’s Les Archives de C. B., 1965–1988

In the most recent issue of Visual Resources, an article by Kate Palmer Albers: “‘It’s Not an Archive’: Christian Boltanski’s Les Archives de C. B., 1965–1988.”

Martin Patrick, Restlessness and Reception: Transforming Art Criticism in the Age of the Blogosphere

Online at Drain Magazine, an article by Martin Patrick: “Restlessness and Reception: Transforming Art Criticism in the Age of the Blogosphere.”

The Burlington Contemporary Writing Prize 2012

Announced in The Burlington Magazine: The Burlington Contemporary Writing Prize, to be awarded annually, seeks to discover talented young writers on contemporary art. The Prize winner will receive £1000, and will have the opportunity to publish a review of a contemporary art exhibition in The Burlington Magazine.

Eric Golo Stone, A Document of Regulation and Reflexive Process: Michael Asher’s Contractual Agreement Commissioning Works of Art (1975)

Online at Art and Education Papers: Eric Golo Stone, “A Document of Regulation and Reflexive Process: Michael Asher’s Contractual Agreement Commissioning Works of Art (1975).”

Bootleg Book: The Unauthorized Artforum Summer Issue

From Hol Art Books: “We’ve created an unauthorized paperback book from the Summer 2011 issue of Artforum magazine. It’s our first bootleg.“

Howard Singerman, “Excellence and Pluralism”

Online at East of Borneo: Howard Singerman, “Excellence and Pluralism” (2002).

Margaret Whitesides: Race, Light and Visibility in Glenn Ligon’s Excerpt

Online at the Northwestern Art Review: Margaret Whitesides, “Race, Light and Visibility in Glenn Ligon’s Excerpt.”

Killing Orson Welles at Midnight: Zadie Smith on Christian Marclay

In the New York Review of Books, Zadie Smith on Christian Marclay.

Margarita Tupitsyn: Conceiving Counter-Soviet Art

In Art in America, Margarita Tupitsyn reviews recent books on “counter-Soviet art” by Matthew Jesse Jackson and Boris Groys.

Institutional Whitewash

Online at east of borneo, an article by Thomas Lawson on Los Angeles murals: “Institutional Whitewash.”

Sven Lütticken: Playtimes

The November-December issue of the New Left Review includes an article, “Playtimes,” by Sven Lütticken.

Temporary Hegemonic Zones

Online at metamute.org: Stevphen Shukaitis, “Temporary Hegemonic Zones,” on attending a Neue Slowenisch Kunst Citizens’ Congress.


Nonsite.org is a new journal sponsored by Emory University.

Tate Papers autumn 2010

The autumn 2010 issue of Tate Papers (index here) includes:

Electronic Melbourne Art Journal 5

The fifth issue of emaj: electronic melbourne art journal includes:

Art History February 2011

The February 2011 issue of Art History includes James Boaden, “Black Painting (with Asheville Citizen)“ and a review by Dominic Rahtz of Julia Bryan-Wilson, Art Workers: Radical Practice in the Vietnam War Era.

Tate Etc. 21

The spring 2011 issue of Tate Etc. includes:

Kunstforum 12 (2011)

The most recent issue of Kunstform includes:

Visual Culture in Britain 11:3

The most recent issue of Visual Culture in Britain includes Craig Richardson, “Contemporary Scottish Art and the Landscape of Abandonment,” and Gabriel N. Gee, “The Representation of the Northern City in the Photography of John Davies (1981–2003).”

The Burlington Magazine February 2011

The 1,295th issue of the Burlington Magazine.

Res 57/58

The Spring/Autumn 2010 issue of Res (Amazon) includes Ara H. Merjian,“Untimely objects”; Sebastian Zeidler, “Form as revolt”; and Samantha Kavky, “Max Ernst in Arizona.”

Kunstchronik January 2011

The January 2011 issue of Kunstchronik includes a review by Stephan Rößler of Joseph Beuys: Parallel Processes (see also here and here).

Konsthistorisk tidskrift/Journal of Art History 79:4

The most recent issue of the Konsthistorisk tidskrift includes Max Liljefors, “In Between the Human and the Animal: Subjectivity and Authority in Ann-Sofi Sidén’s Queen of Mud Project.”

Alterglobal Allegory: Condé and Beveridge Against the Commodification of Water

Online at the Blog of Public Secrets, an article by Marc James Léger: “Alterglobal Allegory: Condé and Beveridge Against the Commodification of Water.” A French version is in Inter: art actuel 107 (winter 2011), pp. 46-50.

A new website for Art Journal

A new website for Art Journal makes a variety of material freely available online, including:

American Art fall 2010

The fall 2010 issue of American Art.

2011 Art Journal Award: Land Use in Contemporary Art

The winners of CAA’s 2011 Art Journal Award.

Invisible Culture 15

The 15th issue of Invisible Culture.

Fotogeschichte 118

The winter 2010 issue of Fotogeschichte.

n.paradoxa 28

The January 2011 issue of n.paradoxa.

On Michael Fried: British Journal of Aesthetics and History of Photography

Two journals on Michael Fried on photography.

e-flux journal 21 and 22

The December and January issues of e-flux journal.

Manifesta Journal 10

The tenth issue of Manifesta Journal.

East of Borneo

“Launched in October 2010, East of Borneo is a collaborative art journal and multimedia archive that frames a discussion of contemporary art and its modern history as considered from Los Angeles.”

Kaleidoscope 9

The winter 2010-2011 issue of Kaleidoscope.

Journal of Visual Culture, August 2010

Volume 9, issue 2 of the Journal of Visual Culture.

Estonian Journal of Art History

Volume 19, issues 3 and 4 of the Estonian Journal of Art History.

Einunddreissig 14/15

The December 2010 issue of Einunddreissig.

Wallraf-Richartz-Jahrbuch LXXI

The 71st volume of the Wallraf-Richartz-Jahrbuch.


The Autumn 2010 issue of ÍNDEX, from MACBA, Barcelona.

Journal of Art Historiography 3

The December 2010 issue of the Journal of Art Historiography.

MaHKUzine 9

The summer 2010 issue of MaHKUzine.

Oxford Art Journal, October 2010

Volume 33, issue 3 of the Oxford Art Journal.

Australian & New Zealand Journal of Art

Volume 10, number 1 of the ANZA Journal

Art History December 2010

Volume 33, issue 5 of Art History.

Polar 9: Fortschritt

The 9th issue of Polar.

October 134

The 134th issue of October.

kunsttexte.de: Sehen, Entwerfen, Erkennen

An issue of kunsttexte.de on models of perception.

Art Bulletin December 2010

Volume 92, number 4 of the Art Bulletin.

Critique d’Art 35, 36

The most recent issues of Critique d’Art.

Kunsttexte.de: Spiegel / Reflexion / Dopplung

The most recent issue of Kunsttexte.de.

Art Journal fall 2010

The fall 2010 issue of Art Journal.

e-flux journal 20

e-flux journal, November 2010.

Fotogeschichte 117

The fall issue of Fotogeschichte.


A review of Piotr Piotrowski in kunsttexte.de/ostblick.

Kunstchronik 9/10

A James Turrell review in Kunstchronik.

e-flux journal 19

The October issue of e-flux journal.

Third Text 107

Vol. 24, issue 6 of Third Text.

I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On

A response to “Questionnaire on the Contemporary” (October) and “What Is Contemporary Art?” (e-flux).

Grey Room 41

The fall 2010 issue of Grey Room.

What is Contemporary Art?

A collection of statements on contemporary art […]

Manifesta Journal 8 and 9

The most recent numbers of the Manifesta Journal […]

le arti del suono

A journal on the arts of sound […]

e-flux journal 18

The September 2010 issue of e-flux journal […]

On Curating 6

The newest issue of On Curating […]

Third Text September 2010

The 106th issue of Third Text […]

Art Bulletin September 2010

Volume 92, number 3 of The Art Bulletin […]

October 133

The summer 2010 issue of October […]

Andy Warhol

Recent Andy Warhol literature [….]

Three Stages in the Art of Public Participation

An article by Paul O’Neill in Eurozine […]

Shirin Neshat

Recent work on Shirin Neshat […]

Third Text 24:4

The newest issue of Third Text […]

Wreck journal, summer 2010

The most recent issue of Wreck, published at UBC [….]

Grey Room 40

The summer 2010 issue of Grey Room […]

Matthew Bowman on Felix Gonzalez-Torres

A review of Felix Gonzalez-Torres […]

Papers of Surrealism 8

A new issue of Papers of Surrealism […]

Fotogeschichte 116

The most recent issue of Fotogeschichte […]

n.paradoxa 26: Feminist Pedagogies

A new issue of n.paradoxa […]

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and the Art of Surveillance

An article on Rafael Lozano-Hemmer […]

OCTOBER-Revolution in der amerikanischen Kunstkritik

A review of October […]

CFP: Palinsesti

A new peer-reviewed publication dedicated to historical studies concerning Italian Art since 1960 […]

Art Journal 68:4

Art Journal, spring-summer 2010 […]

e-flux journal 16

Texts in the 16th issue of e-flux journal address the idea of value […]