CFP for SECAC Panel: The Remains of Photography

CFP for “The Remains of Photography,” a panel at SECAC 2013. Deadline: April 20, 2013.

The Remains of Photography,
Panel at SECAC 2013, Greensboro NC

October 30-November 2, 2013
Paper proposals deadline: April 20, 2013. Midnight, EDT

SECAC membership required at the time of acceptance. Registration fee required of all.
Full conference CFP and more information available here:

The Remains of Photography

As the traditional materials and processes of photography, including celluloid film and chemical darkroom printing, continue to be overshadowed by developments in digital photographic technology, what are we to do with the first, analog, age of the photograph? Contemporary artists have embraced digital technologies and new distribution techniques, the results of which produce both challenges to the medium’s conventions and expanded possibilities for photographic practice. Yet, innovation comes at a cost. Something of what photography was must be jettisoned, its remains strewn alongside the trail of history. This panel seeks to investigate how analog photography, now acutely visible to us in the age of its decline, can remain relevant to artists and art historians in the contemporary digital age. What lessons can we learn from it, what is worth the effort to salvage and sustain? Can established theoretical models be modified and applied to new artistic productions? Can aging technologies and techniques continue to provide platforms of artistic expression and critique? What ghosts from photography’s analog age haunt contemporary digital work? Proposals for papers from scholars and artists that address these and other topics concerning the legacy of the age of analog photography are welcome.