CFP: Transhistories of the Visual

CFP: “Between, Among, and Across: Transhistories of the Visual,” at Elon University, February 27-28, 2015. Submissions due July 11, 2014.

Between, Among, and Across: Transhistories of the Visual
Elon University, February 27-28, 2015

As we expand the study of art history across regions and periods in an increasingly less Eurocentric and Enlightenment-based model, we strive for better ways to reconsider chronological and geographic approaches to writing and teaching the histories of visual objects—even those that might be European or made in the context of the Enlightenment. We seek papers that are transhistorical, transchronological, and/or transnational. We anticipate presentations that address these concerns creatively, rigorously, contingently, and/or in a questioning frame of mind.

Please submit an abstract of up to 500 words and your CV to by July 11, 2014.