Cyprien Gaillard: Geographical Analogies

Cyprien Gaillard: Geographical Analogies is at the MMK Zollamt in Frankfurt through October. An accompanying book from JRP Ringier includes an introduction by Rein Wolfs.

The Fight Against Vegetation is at Malta Contemporary, Valletta. Disquieting Landscapes was on view in the spring at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio. An essay and interview by Catharina Manchanda are online, along with the unabridged conversation (PDFs). At the same time, Obstacles to Renewal was at the Kunsthalle Basel (review by Dietrich Roeschmann), and last year, Pruitt-Igoe Falls was at the List Center at MIT and the Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel.

See Catherine Wood, “Openings: Cyprien Gaillard,” in Artforum (Feb. 2009); interviews by Jonathan Griffin in Frieze 130 (2010), Elodie Evers and Matthias Sohr in Mono.kultur 24 (2010; World Food Books), Grégory Picard at ArtInfo (2010), Timothée Chaillou in ETC 85 (2009) and Edoardo Bonaspetti in Mousse 9 (2007). Chaillou also wrote on “Real Remnants of Fictive War.” Esperanza Rosales, “Cyprien Gaillard: ‘Beton Belvedere’ and Dunepark,” is online at (4/16/2009).

See also Sprueth Magers, Bugada & Cargnel, and Laura Bartlett.

Updated September 2010.