Das Feld der Malerei

Das Feld der Malerei took place at MUMOK, Vienna, on November 12th and 13th. A PDF brochure of abstracts is online.

Papers presented:

  • Ralph Ubl, “Walter Benjamin und die Malerei”
  • Gregor Stemmrich, “Unschärfen des Feldbegriffs”
  • Jeff Wall, “Some Comments on the Claims Made For and Against Painting”
  • David Joselit, “Painting Stripped Bare”
  • Sebastian Egenhofer, “Kippenberger und Oehlen”
  • Isabelle Graw, “Die Liebe zur Malerei. Kurze Geschichten einer heftig umkämpften Sonderstellung”
  • Ruth Sonderegger, “Innere und äußere Grenzen des Kunstfelds nach Pierre Bourdieu”
  • Mark Godfrey, “Painting, Performance, Privacy: On Francis Alÿs”
  • Ann Temkin, “New York Letter”

From the introduction:

After established art critique had proclaimed for decades that painting was dead or merely a cynical parody, recently new interest in the widely ramified and often contradictory history of this once most influential medium seems to have been sparked. However, what narrative and theoretical models are to be applied when speaking about painting remains unclear. Can models such as Yve-Alain Bois’ concept of mourning or Benjamin Buchloh’s idea of painting delaying its own end still be deemed viable? Or must we assume an “expanded field” of artistic production, in which no medium can be seen separately from the other because each one has inscribed itself into the histories of other media? To answer these and further questions it is key to keep in mind the predominantly difficult relationship between avantgardes or neo-avantgardes and painting and, if necessary, to re-interpret this relationship.