Digital and Other Virtualities

I. B. Tauris has published Digital and Other Virtualities: Renegotiating the Image, edited by Griselda Pollock and Antony Bryant (Macmillan).

Contents include:

  • N. Katherine Hayles, “Traumas of Code”
  • Antony Bryant, “Of Mice and Mien: Or Perhaps of Mouses and Mien? (anyway with apologies to John Steinbeck)”
  • Samuel Weber, “A Virtual Indication”
  • Brian Massumi, “The Future Birth of the Affective Fact: The Political Ontology of Threat”
  • Paul Willeman, “For a Comparative Film Studies”
  • “‘Night Passage’: The Depth of Time — Trinh T. Minh-ha interviewed by Alison Rowley”