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Donald Judd: Specifics

New from Yale: Donald Judd, Specifics, by David Raskin.

The blurb describes a complex figure who “found spiritual values in plywood, Plexiglas, and industrial production” and “refused to distinguish between thinking and feeling while asserting that science marked the limits of knowledge.”

At the author’s website at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, articles online in PDF form include:

  • “The Shiny Illusionism of Krauss and Judd,” Art Journal 65:1 (Spring 2006), pp. 6-21
  • “Judd’s Moral Art,” In Nicholas Serota, ed., Donald Judd (London: Tate, 2004), pp. 79-95
  • “Specific Oppositions: Judd’s Art and Politics,” Art History 24:5 (Nov. 2001), pp. 682-706

Another website at academia.edu.


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