Dot Dot Dot 20

The 20th issue of Dot Dot Dot is available from Princeton Architectural Press and Dexter Sinister.

Contents include:

  • Pablo Lafuente, “One Model for Cultural Production”
  • Dieter Roelstraete, “A Walk in Thin Air”
  • Stuart Bailey, “Another Open Letter”
  • Nick Relph, “RGB & CMYK”

Motto announced an event in Geneva with Stuart Bailey and David Reinfurt (November 2nd) to mark “the end.”

Google Books has previews of past issues.  Among them:


“[A] jocuserious fanzine-journal-orphanage based on true stories deeply concerned with art-design-music-language-literature-architecture and uptight optipessimistic stoppy/revelatory ghostwriting by friendly spirits mapping b-sides and out-takes pushing for a resolution in bleak midwinter through late summer with local and general aesthetics wound on an ever tightening coil.”