e-flux journal 15

e-flux journal 15 (April 2010) includes the article by Gean Moreno, “Farewell to Function: Tactical Interiors”, which discusses Jorge Pardo, Carsten Höller, Tobias Rehberger, and Jerszy Seymour among others:

Can the interior, then, as this node within a complex matrix of infrastructural webs and local value systems, serve not only as a container for participatory projects, but as a starting point for critical reflection within art production? Do recent approximations of the interior reveal it to be fertile territory in this regard? Can the interior be a conceptual structure through which ideas are articulated, the way the cinematic remake in video art and the parametric in design have been in recent years? Or, asked a different way: can the interior be recuperated as a vehicle to think through and not just in?