Eva Hesse: Spectres 1960 and Studiowork

A show of paintings by Eva Hesse from 1960, dubbed “Spectres,” by curator E. Luane McKinnon of the University of New Mexico Art Museum, opens at the Hammer Museum on September 25th, before traveling to Albuquerque and Brooklyn.

Comment by Catherine Wagley at DailyServing. The catalog, from Yale, includes:

  • Helen Molesworth, “Me, You, Us: Eva Hesse’s Early Paintings”
  • McKinnon, “Eva’s Eva”
  • Elisabeth Bronfen, “The Spectral Bride and Her Uncanny Double”
  • Louise S. Milne, “An Instrument in the Shape of a Woman: The Real Nonsense of Eva Hesse”

Meanwhile, Eva Hesse: Studiowork, organized by Briony Fer and Barry Rosen, opens on September 22nd at the Art Gallery of Ontario, in conjunction with work by Betty Goodwin and Agnes Martin, before traveling to Berkeley. It closed last month at the Fundacio Tàpies in Barcelona, after showing in Edinburgh and London. That catalog is also from Yale.

See also Hauser & Wirth, and the recently published book by Vanessa Corby: Eva Hesse: Longing, Belonging, Displacement.