Exhibitions Exhibited

On June 9th at the Temporary Stedelijk: “Exhibitions Exhibited,” with Margriet Schavemaker, Reesa Greenberg, Christel Vesters, Hripsimé Visser, and Julia Robinson. Description:

In Recollections, legendary Stedelijk exhibitions from the past are reanimated through the display of a variety of collection materials, ranging from catalogues, photographs, and films to actual art objects. The first installment was dedicated to Bewogen Beweging (1961) and Dylaby (1962), followed by an exhibition dedicated to Op Losse Schroeven (1969). For diverse reasons, all three of these past exhibitions, remain as sources of inspiration for contemporary art critics, curators, scholars, and artists.

The speakers at this event will reflect on the position of the Recollections series in the larger framework of exhibition history. They will explore how the display of exhibition history within the institution vacillates between articulating a form of self-critique and creating (or maintaining) an institutional mythology; this question, pertaining to exhibition histories at large, is one that increasingly informs art-historical discourse. In addition, they will discuss issues such as how archival documents function in the display and investigation of exhibition history and if the archive is merely a document or something that can be, via re-exhibition, turned into a performative site?