Show & Tell: A Chronicle of Group Material

Show & Tell: A Chronicle of Group Material, edited by Julie Ault with essays by Doug Ashford, Julie Ault, Sabrina Locks, Tim Rollins (Four Corners Books, 2010; DAP), is reviewed by Lars Bang Larsen in issue 132 of Frieze.

Last spring, Larsen curated “A History of Irritated Material” at Raven Row, London (“The archive of the New York artists’ collective Group Material has been made available for the very first time to record four of their radical exhibitions from the eighties and early nineties”) and published “Zombies of Immaterial Labor: the Modern Monster and the Death of Death” in e-flux 15 (April 2010): “The New York artists collective Group Material were among the first to establish a link between the Gothic and a Marxist line of cultural critique, before the former became a curatorial trope.” 

 “Case Reopened: Group Material” [PDF], by Ault, is online at the USC website. 

Jonathan Griffin discussed the group and the book in “Arroz con Mango (What a Mess)” for Mousse 23 (March 2010).