Further Thoughts on the Twisted Pair

Occasioned by its recent exhibition on Duchamp and Warhol, the Warhol Museum hosts a symposium on the duo, September 11th and 12th:

Participants include Hal Foster, Francis Naumann, David Joselit, Ingrid Schaffner, Michael Taylor, Julia Robinson, Jay Curley, Anne Collins Goodyear, James W. McManus, Bradley Bailey, and Carroll Janis, as well as a panel of young scholars including Robert Bailey, Mariluz Hoyos, and Cindy Lisica.

Student tickets $10, one day $50, two days $80. (Art&Education) Among the talks:

  • Bradley Bailey, Before, During, and After the Brillo Box: The Impact of Pop on the 1964 Edition of Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades”
  • Jay Curley, “Duchamp and Warhol, Imperfect Machines”
  • Anne Collins Goodyear, “Rain Machine/Rain Room: A Mirrorical Return?”
  • David Joselit, “The Scarce and the Saturated”
  • James W. McManus, “Twisted Sisters, Rrose and Drella: In View / Out of Sight – Hiding in Front of the Camera”    
  • Francis M. Naumann, “The Readymade Gesture”
  • Julia Robinson, “The Auratic Everyday: Duchamp/ Warhol/ Coloring the 1960s”
  • Ingrid Schaffner, “The Artist as Curator”
  • Michael R. Taylor, “Petrified Paroxysms of Desire: Duchamp’s Replica Readymades, Warhol’s Brillo Boxes, and Nabokov’s Lolita”
  • Jeffrey Weiss, “Illuminating Gas”