Gabriel Kuri

This year, a series of Gabriel Kuri exhibitions have appeared in the U.S. and Europe.

They are:

Other publications include 3.66% of 3.66% (Turin, 2009), Suggested taxation scheme (Amsterdam/Mexico City, 2007), and thanks in advance (New Plymouth, N.Z., 2006), en cuenta (Ghent, 2006), and compost index (Turin/Amsterdam/Mexico City, 2005).

Dieter Roelstraete published “Tenebrous dialectics: contemporary art and the limits of enchantment” in Circa 129 (Autumn 2009), pp. 30-35, and an interview with Kuri in Jahresring 56: Wessen Geschichte (2009), pp. 126-143. Katerina Gregos interviewed Kuri, “Between hard facts and soft information,” in Janus 23, part 3 (2008), pp. 3-11. Kate Bush, “Only Connect,” in Frieze 83 (May 2004), reviewed start to stop stopping at MuKHA, Antwerp.

Also Sadie Coles, Kurimanzutto and Franco Noero.