Gift of Nam June Paik 3: Archeology of New Media

 On December 17th in Yongin, South Korea, Gift of Nam June Paik 3: Archeology of New Media, a symposium. Papers include:

  • John Rajchman, “What Is Dispositif?”
  • Jae-Hee Kim, “Beyond Cybernetics, On Transductivity of Technology and Art”
  • Richard Pinhas, “Event and Repetition in Postmodern Music and Philosophy”
  • Young-Wook Park, “Sound Art in the Context of Art History”
  • Gregor Jansen, “The Optic and the Unreal”
  • Jean-Paul Fargier, “NJP: The King of Image Globalization”

Also, the Paik retrospective recently in Düsseldorf opens the same day in Liverpool.

Last year, The Gift of Nam June Paik 2: Re-tying the Gordian Knot included talks from Jungjin Park, Hunyee Jung, Susanne Neuburger, David Zerbib, Chun Sil Yoon, Jeonghwan Jo, Hank Bull, Tetsuo Kogawa, Chulki Hong, and Joonggwon Jin.