Graduate Student Advocacy

Student Advocacy Chair
Samuel Adams, University of Southern California

Boston Reading Group
Samuel Adams, University of Southern California

Washington, DC Reading Group
Erica DiBenedetto, Princeton University
Nick Hartigan, University of Michigan
Frances Jacobus-Parker, Princeton University

The Graduate Student Advocacy Committee of the Society of Contemporary Art Historians (SCAH) comprises graduate students from different universities and at different points in their studies. The committee aims to support the specific interests of graduate students of contemporary art while contributing to SCAH’s overarching mission: to promote knowledge of contemporary art history and visual culture through facilitation of discussion groups, presentations of works in progress, and the active encouragement of research among its members.

We aim to connect graduate students of contemporary art across institutions and to help them collectively identify, assess, and negotiate key issues facing their work and lives. We will act as a liaison with larger organizations such as SCAH and CAA in order to address the specific interests and challenges of graduate students.

Our current projects include organizing reading groups and discussions, gathering online resources, and holding regular meetings. Through these activities, we hope to create local communities around the critical study of contemporary art and to help prepare graduate students for their future work as scholars, teachers, and museum professionals.

Read our Position Statement here, or download the PDF here.

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