10/29: Interventions

Interventions, a symposium in Paderborn (Oct. 29th-31st) covers “a new trend and transnational movement treading the borderline between art, politics and economy.”

Talks on the program include:

  • Anselm Jappe, “Die Situationisten und die Aufhebung der Kunst: was bleibt davon nach fünfzig Jahren?”
  • Josef Früchtl, “Ausstellung oder Kult? Benjamin, Deleuze und die Politik des Kinos”
  • Martin Doll, “Das Fake als Intervention”
  • Martina Dobbe, “Objekt – Situation – Intervention. Zum Handlungsbegriff der Skulptur”
  • Oliver Marchart, “Hegemonie im Kunstfeld. Der Fall documenta”

According to the website:

Based on the fact that the major international exhibitions again focus on the political dimensions of art, the symposium asks for the necessity to question and (re-)define its potentials and limits along with its scopes of development and action respectively. Further emphasis is put on the possible transformations amidst the conflicting demands of art, politics and economy. In connection with the reassessment of the historical precursors of the interventionist movement, the symposium aims to promote a historical contextualisation and to seek re-evaluation of actual practices of the avant-gardes and neo-avant-gardes.