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Jan Verwoert: Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

A new collection of writings by Jan Verwoert is published by Sternberg and distributed by RAM and Motto. Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want is edited by Vanessa Ohlraun.

The blurb asks: “How can a modernist approach to artistic form as a means of social critique be expanded to fully avow its subliminal affective undercurrents, and produce a pleasurably crooked form of criticality in art and writing?” It includes:

  • “Exhaustion and Exuberance: Ways to Defy the Pressure to Perform”
  • “All Writers are Liars”
  • “Social Choreography: Metaphors that Set the Body in Motion”
  • “Politics Must Be Invented”
  • “Ode to the Chicken Man Gong”
  • “Living With Ghosts: From Appropriation to Invocation”
  • “Motion Pictures: On the Paintings of Silke Otto-Knapp”
  • “Masters and Servants or Lovers: On Love as a Way to Not Recognize the Other”
  • “Under the Sign and In the Spirit of a Stoa: On the Work of Cerith Wyn Evans”
  • “Crooked Modernisms — Oh, Crooked Indeed!”
  • “Choosing to Choose: On the Paintings of Tomma Abts”
  • “A Prayer to Protest”
  • “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real: On the Risk of Bearing Witness and the Art of Affective Labour”

The author recently spoke at California College of the Arts; additional references listed here.


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