Josiah McElheny: A Prism

In April, Skira published Josiah McElheny: A Prism, edited by McElheny and Louise Neri, with contributions from Dave Hickey, Scott Rothkopf, Molly Nesbit, Helen Molesworth, Spyros Papapetros, Branden Joseph, Josh Siegel, David Weinberg, Eric de Bruyn, Martin Beck, and Donelle Woolford.

See the volumes A Space for an Island Universe (Madrid, 2009), Notes for a Sculpture and a Film (Columbus, 2006); Josiah McElheny (Santiago de Compostela, 2002) and also the artist’s pages at Art:21, Andrea Rosen, White Cube, and Donald Young.

Also “Readymade Resistance: Josiah McElheny on Art and the Forms of Industrial Production,” Artforum (October 2007), Rothkopf, “1000 words: Josiah McElheny Talks about An End to Modernity and Conceptual Drawings for a Chandelier, 1965, both 2005,” Artforum (November 2005), and William B. Wood, “Access codes and avoided objects in the work of Brian Jungen, Josiah McElheny and Cornelia Parker,” Parachute 99 (July/September 2000) pp. 12-19.