Julian Schnabel: Art and Film

At the Art Gallery of Ontario through December: Julian Schnabel: Art and Film, “tracing how his paintings exist in dialogue with the cinema and revealing the rich interplay between the two media.”

The catalog, published by DAP, has an introduction by and conversation with David Moos.

“Julian Schnabel, David Salle, and the Art of Stylistic Synthesis” is the second chapter of Alison Pearlman, Unpackaging Art of the 1980s (Chicago, 2003).

Donald Bacigalupi, recently appointed to direct the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art (Houston Chronicle, New York Times, Los Angeles Times) wrote “The development of American neo-expressionism: David Salle and Julian Schnabel” (M.A., 1985), and  “Pretty vacant: Neo-expressionist painting, situationist theory, and punk rock” (Ph.D., 1993) at the University of Texas at Austin.