Lawrence Alloway Reconsidered

On March 30th in London, a conference: “Lawrence Alloway Reconsidered.”

Talks include:

  • Richard Leslie: ‘Lawrence Alloway’s Parataxis’
  • Anne Massey: ‘Farther Than Pop: Lawrence Alloway and the Independent Group’
  • Courtney J. Martin: ‘Art World, Network and other Lawrence Alloway Keywords’
  • Julian Meyers: ‘A Short History of the Long Front of Culture’
  • Stephen Moonie: ‘Lawrence Alloway and Art Criticism-as-Information’
  • Rebecca Peabody: ‘Critics & Curators, and Alloway in the Archives’
  • Shelley Rice: ‘Contemporary Photography as “Horizontal Description”‘
  • Catherine Spencer: ‘Lawrence Alloway’s Affinity with Anthropology’
  • Peter Stanfield: ‘Intent to Speed: Lawrence Alloway’s Film Criticism’
  • Eric Stryker: ‘Parallel Systems: Eduardo Paolozzi and Lawrence Alloway’
  • Victoria Walsh: ‘Reflections on Nigel Whiteley’s Art and Pluralism: Lawrence Alloway’s Cultural Criticism’