Lewis Baltz

Steidl is publishing Lewis Baltz: WORKS — ten linen-bound volumes in a slipcase, 1100 signed and numbered copies, $600. Contributing authors include Matthew S. Witkovsky, Sheryl Conkelton, Jane Livingston, Robert Sobieszek, Hubertus von Amelunxen, and Antonello Fongia.

Prototypes/Ronde de Nuit will be at the Art Institute of Chicago this fall:

 Measuring 39 feet across and 7 feet tall and printed on aluminum-mounted cibachrome panels, Ronde de Nuit is as far in scale and appearance as one could get from the Prototypes. Yet across its manifest differences, this monumental work traduces underlying continuities in the artist’s preoccupations. Baltz remains substantially concerned over the cancerous spread of our industrially manufactured habitat and how the elements of manufacture can be used to standardize, control, and oppress the inhabitants—ourselves.

On September 25th, Marvin Heiferman, John Gossage, David Raskin and Nancy Levinson will speak, with Witkovsky as host.

In 2005, Steidl, RAM and the Whitney co-published a set of The Tract Houses, The New Industrial Parks Near Irvine, California, and The Prototype Works. A 1993 interview with Jean-Pierre Greff and Elisabeth Milon is online at American Suburb X (twice). Rule Without Exception (1990) had contributions including:

  • Marvin Heiferman, “Great pictures, mean world”
  • Paolo Costantini, “Exactitude and multiplicity”
  • Shirley Irons, “Untitled” 
  • Gus Blaisdell, “Still moving”
  • Jane Livingston, “Maryland”
  • Mowry Baden, “Deeper into the country”
  • Mark Haworth-Booth, “San Quentin Point”
  • Bernard Lamarche-Vadel, “Treatise on the suppurations of the industrial world”
  • Jeff Kelley, “Near Deadline, Nevada”
  • Olivier Boissiere, “Wasteland : a precis”
  • Gus Blaisdell, “Space begins because we look away from where we are…”
  • Michael Schmidt, “A letter”

A bibliography is at EGS.edu. See also New Topographics.