Liam Gillick

Recently in Bonn: “Liam Gillick: One long walk… Two short piers…,” a survey with “over 60 works from nearly two decades.”

Installation views at ArtObserved. The catalog, with text by Nicolas Bourriaud, Robert Fleck, Isabelle Moffat and Rainald Schumacher, is published by Snoeck and available from Ram. See also air de paris and Casey Kaplan.

For “Liam Gillick: Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario” 2008-2010 in Rotterdam, Zurich, Munich and Chicago, Monika Szewczyk edited Meaning Liam Gillick, with contributions from Peio Aguirre, Johanna Burton, Nikolaus Hirsch, John Kelsey, Maurizio Lazzarato, Maria Lind, Sven Lütticken, Benoît Maire, Chantal Mouffe, Barbara Steiner and Marcus Verhagen (MIT; Witte de With). The exhibition was reviewed by Sean Keller and Katie Kitamura, the book by Stewart Martin and Ernesto Menéndez-Conde. Interview, Interview.