Making and Unmaking the Global @ CCNY

On April 25 in NYC, “Making and Unmaking the Global,”  a panel and discussion at CCNY with Alexandra Munroe, Shahzia Sikander, and Jorge Daniel Veneciano, moderated by James Elkins. 

Globalization is the condition of art today. It is unsystematically reshaping the frameworks of art history and art institutions as scholars, curators, and the market experiment with answers to its challenges. How are we right now remaking the idea of modern art to recognize the world’s regional modernisms? How are we querying processes of globalization in contemporary art without the luxury of critical distance? The symposium examines the decisions that make global art markets, canons, and values and the ways these decisions are made, critiqued or potentially unmade. In short, this symposium seeks to look critically at the experimentation that globalization brings to the present moment in the arts. We foreground institutions in New York City to consider how cosmopolitan centers give different inflections to global art and how global conversations dominate local ones.

The event is free and open to the public.