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Manifesta 8: As the Academy Turns

As the Academy Turns, a “multilayered project” of the European Art Research Network, includes a symposium (Dec. 2nd-4th) at Manifesta 8 in Murcia.

It addresses “the potentials and the tensions in the growth of artistic research and the current academization of art education.” Participants include Sarat Maharaj, Tom Holert, Hito Steyerl and Marquard Smith.

Under the same title, a soap opera by Tiong Ang will be screened. Per the announcement on Art&Education:

“The setting of the soap is the contemporary art academy where the characters – the art academy population of teaching staff and students – act within a situation of transformation where the current master-pupil oriented educational system moves towards a seminar-based form of education with artists as scholars and researchers in an academic community…

“… On the one hand, it addresses contemporary artistic practice, autonomous artistic research and production as outcomes of art education. On the other hand, it presents the art academy “remodeled” as a product of the entertainment industry in the context of popular daytime television serving a mainstream, neo-liberal, consumerist ideology.”

The Manifesta 8 catalog is edited by Rana Dasgupta, Nina Montmann, and Avi Pitchon, and published by Silvana (DAP, Shamansky); most recent issues of the Manifesta journal noted here.


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