Manifesta Journal 8 and 9

With Manifesta 8 opening in Murcia, Spain, the eighth issue of Manifesta Journal focuses on “collective curating,” while the ninth issue concerns “history in the present.” 

In the eighth issue (published by Silvana; Amazon):

  • Raqs Media Collective “describe their approach towards collectivity and collective work”
  • Vít Havránek and, “on the micro-politics of curating by characterizing the three components of curatorial activity: theory, practice and reality”
  • Katharina Schlieben, “The Crux of Polyphonic Language, or the Thing as Gathering,” “discusses the antagonism and polyphony of the different actors within a collective”
  • Magali Arriola “gives an insight into the evolution of collaborative practices within several biennials, including Documenta, the Venice Biennale and Maurizio Cattelan`s 6th Caribbean Biennial”
  • Chamber of Public Secrets (Alfredo Cramerotti, Rían Lozano and Khaled Ramadan) “provide an overview of active collectives and collaborative artistic activities in Europe”
  • “a historical interview with Jean Leering, former director of the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, in which Leering argues for the importance of working collaboratively”

 In the ninth issue (Silvana, Shamansky):

  • Boris Groys “interrogates the definition of contemporary art through the ‘excessive’ or suspended time of time-based art”
  • Chiara Bertola “provides an insight into the curatorial practice of the institutional space of the museum, drawing on the example of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia”
  • Interview with Seth Siegelaub
  • Marga van Mechelen: “Three exhibitions that questioned the presentation of contemporary art in the late 1980s”
  • Stefan Heidenreich: “The paradox of eternal contemporaneity”
  • Sven Spieker “equates curating with a pre-modern understanding of storytelling”

The Manifesta 8 catalog is edited by Rana Dasgupta, Nina Montmann, and Avi Pitchon, and also published by Silvana (DAP, Shamansky).

Older issues of the journal are also available: volume one (Silvana, Shamansky), volume two (Silvana, Shamansky), and issue seven: “The Grammar of the Exhibition” (Silvana, Amazon).

Updated November 2010.