Nalini Malani: Splitting the Other

Nalini Malani: Splitting the Other was at Lausanne’s Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts last spring.

The catalog, with work from contributors Doris von Drathen, Andreas Huyssen and Whitney Chadwick, is from Hatje Cantz (DAP). More information at and Gallery Chemould. A few texts are online at the artist’s website, including:

Also at DAP, Listening to the Shades, with text by Robert Storr (Charta, 2009),  and Nalini Malani (Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2005), with text by Thomas McEvilley, Sambrani, Pijnappel and the artist. Ann Huber-Sigwart, “Nalini Malani: Political Metaphors,” an interview, was in n.paradoxa 13 (Jan. 2004). Kamala Kapoor, “Nalini Malani: ‘Memory Stress and Recall,'” was in Marg 48:2 (December 1996).