Nam June Paik

A Nam June Paik retrospective, organized by Sook-Kyung Lee and Susanne Rennert, is open at the Museum Kunst Palast in Düsseldorf, before travelling to the Tate Liverpool.

The catalog, including texts by Dieter Daniels, Edith Decker-Phillips, Sook-Kyung Lee, Youngchul Lee, Susanne Neuburger, Rennert, Joan Rothfuss, Stephan von Wiese, and David Zerbib, is in German by Hatje Cantz and English by Tate Publishing (Amazon). Per the press release on e-flux, the show “brings together German, Anglo-American and Korean research on Paik’s work for the first time.”

For example, Wulf Herzogenrath organized There is no rewind button for life: homage to Nam June Paik (Bremen, 2006), Fluxus, Video (Bremen, 1999), and Werke 1946-1976: Musik-Fluxus-Video (Cologne, 1976). John Hanhardt organized Nam June Paik (Whitney Museum, 1982) and The Worlds of Nam June Paik (Guggenheim Museum, 2000) in New York, and co-organized Global Groove 2004 with Caitlin Jones, also in Berlin.

Books include Decker-Phillips, Paik Video (Barrytown, 1998) and Toni Stooss and Thomas Kellein, Nam June Paik: Video Time, Video Space (Abrams, 1993 and Cantz, 1991), catalog to an exhibition in Basel, Zurich, Düsseldorf and Vienna. Others are Video Sculptures: Electronic Undercurrents (Copenhagen, 1996), Video Works 1963-88 (London, 1988), and videa ‘n’ videology, 1959-1973 (Syracuse, 1974).

Among the very numerous academic works on Paik listed in Worldcat are the doctoral theses:

  • Eunji Kim, “Nam June Paik: Videokunst in Museen, Globalisierung und lokale Rezeption” (Berlin: Reimer, 2010)
  • Caroline Tron, “La boîte télévisuelle histoire matérielle et conceptuelle d’un objet polytechnique” (Paris, 2008)
  • Jieun Rhee, “Performing the other: Asian bodies in performance and video art, 1950s-1990s” (Boston University, 2002)
  • Jiho Shin-Lee, “L’objet banal en tant qu’oeuvre d’art chez Marcel Duchamp et Nam June Paik” (Villeneuve-d’Ascq: Presses universitaires du Septentrion, 2001 / Sorbonne, 1992)
  • Taehi Kang, “Nam June Paik: Early Years (1958-1973)” (Florida State University, 1988)
  • Edith Decker, “Paik Video: Die Installationen, 1963-1984” (Universität Hamburg, 1985)