Nancy Holt: Sightlines

Nancy Holt: Sightlines, organized by Alena Williams, is on view at Columbia University’s Wallach Art Gallery through December, before traveling to the Badischer Kunstverein in Karlsruhe.

The catalog, from California, is scheduled for January, and will have text from Julie Alderson, Matthew Coolidge, Pamela M. Lee, Lucy R. Lippard, James Meyer, Ines Schaber and the artist. A symposium is planned for November 20th. “Although Holt’s work has regularly appeared in surveys and anthologies on the Land Art movement, many of her forays into film and video, landscape architecture and environmental ecology have gone surprisingly unexamined.”

James Trainor wrote about Sun Tunnels in Frieze 77 (September 2003); a photo series is online at CNet. Last year, Rosslyn, Va. commemorated the 25th anniversary of Dark Star Park.