Nancy Roth, “Translation for a recovered text”

On October 20th in Leeds, a lecture by Nancy Roth on Lucy Skaer: “Translation for a recovered text.”

“From a commercial projector, dormant for more than three decades in a derelict building, Skaer has made a cinematic experience available, a first screening of a new work. The project arguably translates across various conceptual boundaries, rendering past into present, abandoned into recovered, found object into current event.

Using a framework introduced by Vilem Flusser (1920-1991) this talk considers how multiple transformations converge on a move between two forms of consciousness: from the one he designated historical–decisively shaped in and through writing and print, to a new and very different one, decisively shaped by photographs, films, digital and synthesised sound and image. Film for an Abandoned Projector is seen here to retain meaningful elements of both “universes,” to suggest links or equivalents between them, and so to offer us a series of insights into the ways our thinking, feeling, memory and values may be changing now.”