New Perspectives on Abstract Expressionism

On February 25th at MoMA, young scholars on Abstract Expressionism. Talks include:

  • Leanne Carroll, “From Motherwell’s Tragedy, Newman’s Alienation, and Reinhardt’s Isolation to the Minimalist’s Renown: On the Reception of Artist-Writers”
  • Eileen Costello, “Beyond the Easel: The Dissolution of Abstract Expressionist Painting into the Realm of Architecture”
  • Michelle DuBois, “New Demarcations for Old: Refining and Redefining Abstract Expressionism Vis-à-vis a Consideration of the Willard Gallery Artists”
  • Valerie Hellstein, “Abstract Expressionism’s Countercultures: The Club, the Cold War, and the New Sensibility”

Respondents are David Anfam, Michael Leja, Katy Siegel, and Ann Temkin.