October 133

The summer 2010 issue of October includes Yates McKee, “Wake, Vestige, Survival: Sustainability and the Politics of the Trace in Allora and Calzadilla’s Land Mark” and Jaleh Mansoor, “A Spectral Universality: Mona Hatoum’s Biopolitics of Abstraction.”


  • Barry Flood, David Joselit, Alexander Nagel, Alessandra Russo, Eugene Wang, Christopher Wood, Mimi Yiengpruksawan, “Roundtable: The Global Before Globalization “
  • Molly Nesbit, “Wild Shanghai Grass” 
  • Judith Rodenbeck, “Maison Tropicale: A Conversation with Manthia Diawara”
  • D. Graham Burnett, “The Objective Case: A Review of Objectivity