On November 29 in Boston, a lecture by Dr. Stephen Little, “The Strange Tale of the Richard Lane Collection”

The Boston University Department of History of Art & Architecture presents

A lecture by Dr. Stephen Little (Curator and Head of the Chinese and Korean Art Department, Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

The Strange Tale of the Richard Lane Collection

Thursday, November 29, 5:30 PM
725 Commonwealth Avenue, room 303A
Refreshments will be served!
This event is co-sponsored by the Boston University Center for the Study of Asia

This lecture introduces the enormous and largely unknown art collection of Dr. Richard Lane, the great late scholar of Ukiyo-e literature and art, who passed away in Kyoto in 2002. In 2003 the Lane Collection was acquired by the the Honolulu Academy of Arts (now re-named the Honolulu Museum of Art). Between 2003 and 2009, an international team began cataloguing the collection while it was stored in Kyoto, prior to its shipment to Honolulu in 2010. The lecture explores Lane’s history as a collector in Japan between 1952-2002, the bizarre and eclectic mix of works in the collection (roughly 10,000 scroll paintings and over 8,000 rare woodblock-illustrated books), and the collection’s eventual acquisition by the museum in Honolulu when Little was its director. While the Lane Collection comprises primarily Edo period paintings (of many schools, including Kanô, Maruyama-Shijô, Nanga, Nagasaki, Ukiyo-e, and a large number of shunga) and printed books, it also includes Chinese (Yuan through Qing) and Korean paintings, and an enormous trove of Meiji-era paintings and books.