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Paul Thek: Diver

Elisabeth Sussman and Lynn Zelevansky have organized Paul Thek: Diver, A Retrospective, opening at the Whitney and traveling to the Carnegie and Hammer museums.

Contributors to the catalog include George Baker, David Breslin, Eleonora Nagy, Susanne Neubauer, Michael Nickel, Scott Rothkopf, and Ann Wilson. Reviews by Ariella Budick and Peter Schjeldahl (with slideshow). Also Matthew Israel, “Finding Thek’s Tomb,” in Art in America (11/1/10).

Paul Thek: Artist’s Artist, organized by Roland Groenenboom, Gregor Jansen, and Harald Falckenberg, traveled from Karlsruhe to Hamburg and Madrid in 2007-2009 (reviews by April Elizabeth Lamm and Noemi Smolik). That catalog, from MIT, included essays by Jean-Christophe Ammann, Margrit Brehm, Bazon Brock, Suzanne Delehanty, Falckenberg, Marietta Franke, Stefan Germer, Kim Gordon, Groenenboom, Axel Heil, Gregor Jansen, Mike Kelley, John Miller, Neubauer, Kenny Schachter, Harald Szeemann, Annette Tietenberg, Peter Weibel, and Wilson.

In 1995-96, The Wonderful World That Almost Was toured Rotterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Zurich and Marseille (review by Elizabeth Armstrong). That catalog included:

  • Introduction by Friedrich Meschede, Britta Schmitz, Manuel Borja-Villel, Bernard Blistène, Philippe Vergne, Chris Dercon
  • Holland Cotter, “Paul Thek’s Time”
  • Richard Flood, “Paul Thek: Real Misunderstanding,” “Slow. Fade”
  • Mariette Franke, “Be Abstracted”
  • Thek, “96 Sacraments,” “Teaching Notes: 4-Dimensional Design”
  • Rebecca Quaytman, “The Notebooks of Paul Thek”
  • Szeemann, “Interview with Paul Thek. Duisburg, 12 December 1973,” “Postscript, March 1995”
  • Wilson, “Voices from the Era”
  • Anke Bangma and Groenenboom, “Selected Confessions: A Narrative Biography”

Other work includes:

  • Germer, “Full Fathom Five my Father Lies: Vermutungen zur Aktualitat Paul Theks,” Jahresring 46 (1999), also in Germeriana: Unveröffentlichte und übersetzte Schriften von Stefan Germer zur zeitgenössischen und modernen Kunst (Cologne: Oktagon, 1999)
  • Julie Ann Joyce, “Perpetual misunderstanding: Paul Thek in the nineties” (MA thesis, USC, 1998)
  • Flood, “Paul Thek: Real Misunderstanding,” Artforum 20:2 (Oct. 1981), pp. 48-53.

Neubauer is head of the Paul Thek Project online. There are bibliographies at the ZKM and the Paul Thek Project. Also Kunstforum and Alexander and Bonin.


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