At the Philadelphia Museum of Art through January, before traveling to Rome: Michelangelo Pistoletto: From One to Many, 1956-1974 and Michelangelo Pistoletto: Cittadellarte.

Update December 2010: Roberta Smith reviews the exhibition for the New York Times (12/17/2010).

The catalog, edited by Carlos Basualdo, includes contributions from Jean-François Chevrier, Claire Gilman, Gabriele Guercio, Suzanne Penn, and Angela Vettese. Hatje Cantz is publishing a catalog of the recent Mirror Paintings, including an interview with Michael Auping and texts by Pascal Gielen and Jeremy Lewison (DAP; Amazon). Meanwhile, the artist’s text, The Third Paradise, published by Marsilio, is succinctly described as:

[A] global artistic project that faces the universal problem of humanity’s survival; it is the attempt to get the entire humanity to take its responsibilities in giving life back to earth. It is, most of all, the visionary view of an artist. The biblical reference does not have any religious purpose, but is used to give force and meaning to the concept of responsible social change and to fuel a high ideal that unites, in a single endeavour, the arts, the sciences, economics, spirituality and politics.

An interview with Auping was in 30 Years: Interviews and Outtakes (Prestel, 2007; Amazon). Andrea Bellini, Facing Pistoletto, appeared last year from JRP Ringier.

Gilman, “Pistoletto’s Staged Subjects,” and Alex Potts, “Disencumbered Objects,” were in October 124 (spring 2008). Barry Schwabsky published “Michelangelo Pistoletto: Mirrors to Monuments,” in The Widening Circle: Consequences of Modernism in Contemporary Art (Cambridge, 1997), pp. 115-126, and “Michelangelo Pistoletto,” in Harper and Moyer, ed., A Sculpture Reader: Contemporary Sculpture Since 1980 (ISC Press, 2006). Pistoletto, “Le Stanze / The Rooms” [1975-76] was published in Nick Kaye, Site-Specific Art: Performance, Place and Documentation (Routledge, 2000; Amazon), pp. 59-90.

Other recent books and catalogs include:

Doctoral theses include

In September, for the artist’s Mirror Sea at the Gwangju art fair, there was a panel that included Yongwoo Lee, Ai Weiwei, Emanuela Baldi, Okwui Enwezor, Tatehata Akira, and Josef Bhakstein. Also Pistoletto.it, cittadellarteSutton Lane, Galerie Mezzanin, Galleria Continua, Leftmatrix, and Chelouche Gallery.