Post-Discipline? Research and Contemporary Art

In fall 2011 at CUNY, a public research seminar: “Post-Discipline? Research and Contemporary Art.”


“A significant number of contemporary artists undertake interdisciplinary and experimental research in order to produce their work. This tendency has a double valence for scholars working in the humanities. ¬†Firstly, what can artistic approaches to primary research tell us about the relationship between history and its interpretation? ¬†And secondly, what creative lessons might artistic examples offer to those of us researching the humanities? This seminar aims to address questions of art and knowledge through a series of discussions with artists whose practice makes extensive use of library-based research, interviews, reconstructions, and so on. Artists will be invited to present their working process and discuss how this shapes the final form of their work. Readings will be suggested by the artists, and may include their own writing, an essay about them, or a theoretical text that has informed their process.”