Project announcement: International Anthology of Art Criticism 1950-2010, workshops/seminars

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Project announcement: International Anthology of Art Criticism 1950-2010, workshops/ seminars

In the context of a research centre drawing on a specialized resource centre, we are seeking partners to form an international scientific team with the goal of preparing a scientific publication in the form of a multi-volume anthology including a scientific apparatus focusing on art criticism.

The distinctive feature of this project has to do with the end purpose of producing a scientific tool which will make it possible to develop awareness of the specific nature of the contributions made by art criticism since the 1950s, throughout the world. Running counter to any approach that would make criticism merely a source of data, information, names and values, this will involve updating the diverse range of activities, contributions, works and expertise of criticism. Without favouring any particular type of criticism, history, or topography, this project will entail the participation of specialists in many different linguistic fields.

The working method will be constructed around workshops and seminars helping to prepare the selection of writings on a comparative basis, and of themes which will be developed under the supervision of specialists with prior experience in works of this type. These workshops will also help to distribute the writing of essays, notices and other critical apparatus accompanying the texts. Responses to this invitation must include a short CV and a list of publications highlighting those relevant to the project.

Research will be organized around the project’s goal, which is the joint publication of the anthology in several languages in the form of books, and in the original language of texts in versions accessible through the Internet.

This initial invitation concerns researchers and specialists attached to a research centre who are in a position to set up a funding project as part of a network of teams and experienced researchers. They must be able to coordinate not only the work of younger researchers, but also collaborative works on themes which will be allocated during 2011 at a workshop to be held in Spain.

Responses should be sent to the following address before 15 January 2011:
with the reference Projet anthologie international de la critique d’art 1950-2010. Acronym Pro-AC.

Contacts: Jean-Marc Poinsot and Sou-Maëlla Bolmey, Université Rennes 2, Archives de la critique d’art.