Radical Post-Modernism

On October 31st at the Architectural Association, a lecture and reception for Radical Post-Modernism, edited by Charles Jencks and FAT. 

Radical Post-Modernism, edited by Charles Jencks and FAT (Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland and Sam Jacob) marks the resurgence of a critical architecture that engages in a far-reaching way with issues of taste, space, character and ornament. Bridging high and low cultures, it immerses itself in the age of information, embracing meaning and communication, embroiling itself in the dirty politics of taste by drawing ideas from beyond the narrow confines of
architecture. It is a multi-dimensional, amorphous category, which is heavily influenced by contemporary art, cultural theory, modern literature and everyday life.

“This edition of AD demonstrates how, in the age of late capitalism, Radical Post-Modernism can provide an architecture of resistance and contemporary relevance.”